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Van Woensel | Cleaners found their origins in agriculture. Since the late 60's of the previous century, Eduard and Paul Van Woensel were already on the road selling industrial cleaning machines. Using powerful pressure washers with hot water, agricultural machines and stables could be easily and thoroughly cleaned.

During this long period, we were able to build up a vast amount of knowledge about their usage and underlying technology, allowing us to perform repairs in a fast and targeted way.

Since 2011-2012, the 3rd generation Van Woensel, Vincent, has started offering industrial cleaning equipment, accessories and parts via this e-shop. Shipping goods goes well beyond our national borders, and you may always contact us for advice or guidance during your order.

We take care of the deliveries of the machines ourselves, and gladly pass on the necessary instructions and know-how to the user. We also provide the necessary tips & tricks to keep the new machines in tip-top shape for a long life span!