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Dry and wet vacuums

Van Woensel Professional Cleaning Equipment is the distributor of the IPC Soteco BASE professional dry and wet vacuums. This range of vacuum cleaners meets the highest quality standards. Our machines are used in every sector, from frequent vacuuming of shops and offices to vacuuming of rough dirt and mud on construction sites.

The motors are replaceable and virtually every type of filter, accessory and part is available on our website. We further offer heavy industrial machines on 380V for continuous use and with ATEX approval if necessary.

Pressure washers

If a serious amount of water power is needed to remove dirt, you've come to the right place. Van Woensel Professional Cleaning Equipment distributes the LightPro series from Annovi Reverberi and the professional pressure washers with cold or warm water from Kent and VRSPLUS.

A pressure washer doesn't work alone! We provide all imaginable accessories your cleaning job even easier: surface cleaners from Mosmatic and Turbo Devil, special lances, dirt extractors, tank cleaners, truck soap, and eye and face protection.

Scrubbing machines

Save time and energy with an automatic scrubbing and vacuum machine. We will have a machine available that meets your needs. Our machines come straight from the IPC factory. We follow the Blue Clean series from IPC Soteco. These devices are extremely productive and will provide years of worry-free use.

Depending on the task, the devices can be adapted with other brushes, pad holder with pads, chemdose, .. All parts that may need to be replaced are available on our website, such as brushes, squeegees, pads, batteries, etc.

Sweeping machines

For vacuuming large volumes of coarse dirt, you can use a sweeper to lighten the work. These machines literally replace a brush and are available in manual push versions or models with automatic battery or gasoline traction. The push versions can be used for small surfaces with leaves, papers, i.e., everything with a fixed structure. The units are equipped with a by-pass suction motor and filter panel and can even pick up sand and dust! The devices can be equipped for carpet / tapiplain sweeping. All parts that may need to be replaced are available on our website, such as filter panels, brushes, batteries, ..

Sanding machines

A single-disc machine, also called a monobrosse, polishing machine or sander, is a versatile cleaning machine that can be used for both sanding hard floors with water and soap or sanding and polishing wooden floors and parquet. All our devices can be equipped with a water tank and complete dust extraction set. All accessories are available, such as different types of brushes, pad holders, pad, sanding discs and grinding nets for fine sanding of wood and parquet.

Van Woensel Professional Cleaning Equipment distributes the single-disc machines of the Floorpul and Schwamborn brands.

About us

Van Woensel Professional Cleaning Equipment has its origins in agriculture. Since the late 1960s, Eduard and Paul Van Woensel were already on the road with cleaning machines. Powerful pressure washers with hot water could clean stables and agricultural machinery.

Over the years, these cleaning machines are still being used in agriculture, but have also found their place in horticulture, earthworks, industry and public buildings. Our range of machines has also been expanded with professional and industrial vacuum cleaners and floor machines such as scrubbing machines and sweepers.